Relax into it. Pause.

A lesson I’m learning over and over again lately – pause, relax, there is no rush. It will resolve. Listen.

I’ve been accused, rightfully, of being an interrupter… I’ve wanted to make sure I’m heard, so I rush conversations to ensure what I want to say gets in before the person walks away or the subject changes. But I’ve been working on this, realizing that the time will likely come when what I want to say has a space, and if it doesn’t… it’s okay. Let the natural flow of the conversation continue as it does. Listen gently to the words of others, take them in and treat them with love. I’ve found this technique expands beyond conversations, as often things are, there are levels that once understood on a smaller scale can reflect the greater challenges and lessons.


Listen to the stories of the universe without interruption.

Don’t add your opinion, think you know how the story will end up, or try to control it. Let it flow, and your chance to speak will come back around, and if it doesn’t, you will find you didn’t need to do anything in the first place. By being a peaceful listener, everything will come into place around you, with ease and joy.



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