“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.” – Lao Tzu

From the way we perceive reality through light and sound to the infinite cycles of the oceans, waves are a continuous and important presence in the way we live. When we can tap into the wave experience and apply it to our lives, we can use its wisdom to supplement our own growth.

Everlasting signals that transfer information to us through our perception of them, we have waves reaching us at all times. It is up to our trained senses to receive the signals as we see fit, to understand what the messages mean and to translate them to a concept we can apply in our lives. Infinite potential, waves are forever building and moving, transferring, and creating – our minds tapping into them when we are open to their flow.

“A wave demands your attention. It is very difficult to be somewhere else, in your mind, when there is such a gorgeous creation of nature moving your way. Just being close to a wave brings us closer to being mindful. To surf them is the training ground for mindfulness. The ocean can seem chaotic, like the world we live in. But somehow we’re forced to slice through the noise – to paddle around and through the adversities of life and get directly to the joy. This is what we need for liberation.” – Kia Afcari

Once we’ve established that the universe is made of waves and our perception of them creates what we experience, it begins to make more sense why “riding the wave” is so important. If the minutia of our universe is created by waves, so is the greater experience. Although we cannot measure it, our lives are rhythms of up and down, rising and falling. We are never experiencing life as a straight line, it is always in motion, and that motion is consistent with the fabric of energy itself. You will never be able to avoid the constant ups and downs of living in this reality, so it is vital to learn to ride the waves.

This concept is the key to discovering so much more of life, it is what enables the rest of the pieces to fall into place. You won’t get anywhere if you keep fighting what is, so just relax and flow with the universe. You will enjoy so much more of what you’re witnessing as you surrender and take in the view.

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