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Orange and Blue Dark Sunset in Colorado

The Beauty

The image is a dream. The beauty is real. – Richard Bach, Illusions

Snow covered trees against a blue sky


Life is infinite energy coupled with limitless creative imagination. It is the invisible essence and substance of every visible form. Its nature is goodness, truth, wisdom and beauty, as well as energy and imagination. Our highest satisfaction comes from a sense of conscious union with this invisible Life. All human…

Bonsai tree in front of grey wall

Present Moment

Only the present moment contains life. – Thich Nhat Hanh

Sunset over the ocean

Sweet Release

Enjoy the sweet release of surrender when you let go of your old thought habits and realize that you can change them at any time. You can change anything at any time, once you remove the restrictions of ideas that no longer serve you.

Pink & Blue Sunset Behind an Hill

Light and Heart

We all need to return to the basics. Within society, and within ourselves. Simplify and attend to what makes the worlds inner & outer into better places. Kindness, honesty, and compassion – we can all have these for each other and our own self, and in all these small doses…

Abstract Brown Grass with Shallow Focus

Strive to Live

Be joyful, think hard, dream tough, challenge yourself and relish the pain, the struggle, the tears. This is where you get into the depth of it. Dive in deep beneath the protective layers. Strive to live. It’s not what you think, where wrong is not real – it’s bliss or…

Blue Light Shining on Grey Wall

What You See

What you see is built from the corners of your mind, from the years of perspectives that have created layers upon layers. Ask yourself: is it possible to see through these? A fresh palette in your vision, free from the thoughts that have come before. Colors and patterns untouched by…

New Year Wallpaper: Promise

May the promise of a New Year bring you energy, light, and hope. 🙂

Colorado scene with grass and foothills

Eternity is Realized

To be eternal is to Stand outside of the process of Becoming and The field of time. Upon the clear perception that There is nothing to become and No time in which to achieve it, Eternity is realized. – Wu Hsin

Man viewing iphone and desktop wallpaper

Wallpapers of the Week: Blue Sky

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